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Driving Digital Content to Mobile Worldwide
Who we are

Innovate is a digital content provider working across various telecom operators. We currently partner with 16 Mobile network operators across the globe managing close to 20 million subscribers on a daily basis. Our offices in UK, South Africa and India means we have access to a global market. Our mobile partners are worldwide and growing considerably.

Digital Content Services
What we do

We deliver a wide portfolio of mobile content that will increase overall Value-Added Services (VAS) revenues for mobile network operators. Our team of 50 plus software developers ensures we are constantly able to deliver exciting and engaging content for your mobile subscribers. All content can be translated into the local languages. Our variety of content ranges from Football, Entertainment, Chat, Dating, Celebrity News and Lifestyle services.

Working With Us
How it benefits you

This is all at ZERO cost to you, so it’s a win win situation!! Our digital content platform integrates with any mobile network provider, which means you can start earning revenue as soon as we are connected. Our platform will deliver content that will increase revenues immediately, ensuring your subscribers are kept engaged and excited, spending more time on the platform.